Name Lab/Division Keyword
Akaishi, Rei Unit Leader, Social Value Decision Making Collaboration Unit, RIKEN CBS–Toyota Collaboration Center (BTCC) Decision Making, Social Network, Foraging Theory, Behavioral Economics, Trust
Benucci, Andrea Team Leader, Laboratory for Neural Circuits and Behavior optogenetics, recurrent neural networks, electrophysiology, artificial intelligence, decision-making
Esaki, Kayoko CDP Young Chief Investigator, CDP: Career Development Program Lipid biochemistry, Schizophrenia
Fujisawa, Shigeyoshi Team Leader, Laboratory for Systems Neurophysiology Neurophysiology
Goda, Yukiko
Deputy Director, Center for Brain Science

Team Leader, Laboratory for Synaptic Plasticity and Connectivity
Synapse cell biology, Synaptic transmission and plasticity
Hattori Nobutaka Team Leader, Neurodegenerative Disorders Collaboration Laboratory  
Hayashi-Takagi, Akiko Team Leader, Laboratory for Multi-scale Biological Psychiatry Psychiatric disorders, Synapse, Multi-scale, 2-photon imaging
Isomura, Takuya Unit Leader, Brain Intelligence Theory Unit Learning theory, Bayesian inference, Neural network, Computational neuroscience Free energy principle
Ito-Ishida, Aya Team Leader, Laboratory for Brain Development and Disorders Brain development, Developmental disorders, Synapse, Neural network
Johansen, Joshua Team Leader, Laboratory for the Neural Circuitry of Learning and Memory neuromodulation, neuronal coding, behavior, Learning and Memory, Emotion
Kageyama, Ryoichiro
Director, Center for Brain Science

Team Leader, Laboratory for Neural Stem Cell Research
Neural stem cell, Neural regeneration, Adult neurogenesis
Kamiguchi, Hiroyuki
Deputy Director, Center for Brain Science

Team Leader, Laboratory for Neural Cell Dynamics
neural regeneration, axon guidance
Division Director, Research Resources Division
animal models, molecular genetics, omics analyses, imaging
Unit Leader, Support Unit for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, RRD
Functional magnetic resonance imaging, Noninvasive measurement of brain functions
Kang, Louis Unit Leader, Neural Circuits and Computations Unit Computational neuroscience, Cognitive science, Memory and learning, Neural networks
Kasahara, Takaoki CDP Young Chief Investigator, CDP: Career Development Program
Kazama, Hokto Team Leader, Laboratory for Circuit Mechanisms of Sensory Perception Sensory processing, Decoding, Neural circuits, Sensorimotor transformation
Kitajo, Keiichi Unit Leader, Rhythm-Based Brain Information Processing Unit Recording brain activity, Brain stimulation, Nonlinear neural dynamics
Komaki, Fumiyasu Unit Leader, Mathematical Informatics Collaboration Unit
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo
Director, RIKEN CBS–Toyota Collaboration Center (BTCC)

Unit Leader, Strategic Collaboration Unit, BTCC

Kuroda, Kumi Team Leader, Laboratory for Affiliative Social Behavior Parent-infant relationship in Mammals, Attachment, Parental behavior, Affiliative Social Behavior, Medial preoptic area
Lau, Hakwan Team Leader, Laboratory for Consciousness Cognitive neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Brain stimulation, Mental imagery, Metacognition
Matsuda, Takeru Unit Leader, Statistical Mathematics Unit Statistics, Applied mathematics, Data analysis, Machine learning
Mataga, Nobuko Unit Leader, Support Unit for Bio-Material Analysis, Research Resources Division (RRD) Technical Support Services (staff-run), Research Equipment Management (Shared experimental areas), Technical consulting, Research equipment and materials exhibition, Educational seminar
Matsuzaki, Masanori Team Leader, Brain Functional Dynamics Collaboration Laboratory Two-photon imaging, Marmoset, Prefrontal cortex, Neuron
Mazuka, Reiko Team Leader, Laboratory for Language Development Psycholinguistics, Developmental Psychology, Phonological Development in Infancy and early childhood, Language Acquisition
McHugh, Thomas
Team Leader, Laboratory for Circuit and Behavioral Physiology
Learning, Hippocampus, electrophysiology, genetics, memory
Director, CDP: Career Development Program

Miyamoto, Kentaro Team Leader, Laboratory for Imagination and Executive Functions Decision making, Imagination, Metacognition, Primate, Functional neuroimaging
Miyawaki, Atsushi
Team Leader, Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics
Bioimaging, Fluorescent protein, chromophore
RIKEN CBS–Olympus Collaboration Center (BOCC)
Bioimaging, Fluorescent protein, chromophore
Moore, Adrian Team Leader, Laboratory for Neurodiversity neuron development, genetics, neuron function, stem cell
Murayama, Masanori Team Leader, Laboratory for Haptic Perception and Cognitive Physiology Consciousness, Perception, Mouse, Neocortex, Dendrite
Nagai, Jun Team Leader, Laboratory for Glia-Neuron Circuit Dynamics Adaptive behavior, Cognition and emotion, Glia, Cellular physiology, Genetics
Nakahara, Hiroyuki Team Leader, Laboratory for Integrated Theoretical Neuroscience Decision-making, Learning theory, Information geometry, Reinforcement learning, Social intelligence, Neural computation
Nakatomi, Hirofumi Team Leader, Biomedical Neural Dynamics Collaboration Laboratory Cerebral aneurysms, Subarachnoid hemorrhage, Saccular aneurysms, Fusiform aneurysms, Somatic mutation
Okabe, Shigeo Team Leader, Brain Medical Science Collaboration Division
Okamoto, Hitoshi
Team Leader, Laboratory for Neural Circuit Dynamics of Decision Making
neural circuit manipulation, decision making, emotion and fear, social conflict and hierarchy, neural imaging
RIKEN CBS–KAO Collaboration Center (BKCC)
neural circuit manipulation, decision making, emotion and fear, social conflict and hierarchy, neural imaging
Okano, Hideyuki Team Leader, Laboratory for Marmoset Neural Architecture
Okanoya, Kazuo Team Leader, Cognition and Behavior Joint Research Laboratory Ethology, Biology, Psychology, Ecology, Neuroscience
Saido, Takaomi Team Leader, Laboratory for Proteolytic Neuroscience Alzheimer's disease, amyloid, tau, neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration
Schmitt, Lukas Team Leader, Laboratory for Distributed Cognitive Processing Thalamocortical Dynamics, Working Memory, Optogenetics, Electrophysiology, Sensory Systems
Shibata, Kazuhisa Team Leader, Laboratory for Human Cognition and Learning Perception, Cognition, Learning, Neuroimaging, Artificial intelligence
Shimoda, Shingo Unit Leader, Intelligent Behavior Control Unit, RIKEN CBS–Toyota Collaboration Center (BTCC) Intelligent Robotics, Rehabilitation System
Shimogori, Tomomi
Team Leader, Laboratory for Molecular Mechanisms of Brain Development
Cerebral cortex, thalamus
Unit LeaderNeuroinformatics Unit
Network security supervision, Introduction of information technologies to brain science, Maintenance of CBS websites and database archives, Development of technologies for brain science database, Examination of measures to strengthen the information environment at CBS
Skibbe, Henrik Unit Leader, Brain Image Analysis Unit Image Analysis, Deep Learning, Biomedical Image Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Machine Learning
Takata, Atsushi Team Leader, Molecular Pathology of Psychiatric Disoders Psychiatric disorder, Genomics, Epigenetics, Statistical genetics, Animal models
Takeishi, Asuka Riken Hakubi Team Leader, Neural circuit of multisensory integration RIKEN Hakubi Research Team Neural Circuit, Behavioral analysis, Chemotaxis, Thermotaxis, In vivo calcium imaging
Tamaki, Masako Riken Hakubi Team Leader, Cognitive Somnology RIKEN Hakubi Research Team Sleep, Cognition, Learning, Dreaming
Tanaka, Motomasa Team Leader, Laboratory for Protein Conformation Diseases Neuropsychiatric disease, Protein aggregation, Amyloid, Nascent chain biology
Tonegawa, Susumu RIKEN fellow, RIKEN-MIT Laboratory for Neural Circuit Genetics  
Toyoizumi, Taro
Team Leader, Laboratory for Neural Computation and Adaptation
Computational Neuroscience, Information Statistical Dynamics, Neural Learning theory
Director, Integrative Computational Brain Science Collaboration Division

Woodward, Alexander Unit Leader, Connectome Analysis Unit Connectomics, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Databasing, Brain simulation
Yamamori, Tetsuo Team Leader, Laboratory for Molecular Analysis of Higher Brain Function Brain, Primate Specific, Psychiatoric Disorder, Neural Networks, Epigenetics
Yoshihara, Yoshihiro
Deputy Director, Center for Brain Science

Team Leader, Laboratory for Systems Molecular Ethology
olfaction, neural circuit, behavior, consciousness, claustrum
Unit Leader, Support Unit for Animal Resources Development, Research Resources Division (RRD)
Laboratory Animal Science, Laboratory Animal Medicine
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