RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) explores the mysteries of the brain—one of the ultimate frontiers in natural science—carrying out research at all levels, from cells to organisms and social systems, with the goal of returning those results to society.

What makes us uniquely human Harnessing the universal biological principles of life Collecting and applying big data Tackling global challenges
  • What makes us uniquely human
    Research to reveal the high-level cognitive functions of the human brain How do we reflect on ourselves, make inferences, and predict what others are thinking?
  • Harnessing the universal biological principles of life
    Multi-layered studies based on animal models By conducting research at all levels, we aim to understand the principles of brain functions and brain-body interactions.
  • Collecting and applying big data
    Data-driven research led by theoretical and technological advances Ever larger and complex data acquired with advanced technologies can be harnessed to develop new theories and more universal and efficient AI systems.
  • Tackling global challenges
    Developing diagnostic and therapeutic methods for neuropsychiatric disorders We aim to address the social challenges of brain diseases and to create seeds for innovations that will enhance the quality of life.

Word from the Director

  • Yasushi MiyashitaYasushi Miyashita
  • Know Thyself

    The aphorism "know thyself", inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, succinctly describes what brain science strives to accomplish. In recent years, brain science has undertaken a systematic exploration of the mind by examining its subsystems one by one. As a result, we are well on the way to understanding how brain functions such as memory, emotion, and thought arise from the intricate interactions of innumerable cells and molecules.

    Society has ever higher expectations of brain research, and the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) will be building on the strong 20-year foundation of its predecessor, the Brain Science Institute (BSI). We will explore how the human psyche, as a whole, emerges via interactions of the brain subsystems that have been, and continue to be, extensively investigated. We will explore the origins of human nature, such as self-reflection and sociality, while simultaneously fulfilling an obligation to respond to society's needs. We will endeavor to return the fruits of our research to society, to overcome neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders, and to address the issues of aging societies and population decline, thus contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

    RIKEN CBS will anchor these challenges-solving puzzles that have existed since the days of ancient Greece―firmly in the knowledge and methodology accumulated over the five centuries of modern natural science. As an international leader in brain science, our mission is to work in tandem with partner research organizations, both domestic and international, and to make meaningful contributions through brain science to the advancement of society. Let's reveal the complexity and beauty of the human psyche using the best methods of today, and of the future.

    Yasushi Miyashita

    Yasushi Miyashita

    Director, RIKEN Center
    for Brain Science