Our unit provides technical support and facilities for research in RIKEN that investigates synaptic connectivity in the brain and organelle structure in neurons using electron microscopy and related tools

Yoshiyuki Kubota

Yoshiyuki Kubota, Ph.D.

Unit Leader, Support Unit for Electron Microscopy Techniques, RRD

Research Overview

This unit houses a state-of-the-art electron microscope and associated equipment and tools to support research in RIKEN on neural microcircuits in the brain and organelle structure. The staff of our unit has specialized technical knowledge and expertise on electron microscopy and related techniques and, based on the information provided and through discussion, advises RIKEN research teams on experimental protocols and other technical aspects of respective research projects. We conduct maintenance of the shared research equipment in our unit, and provide training and educational seminars for the latest EM technologies.

Main Research Fields

Complex Systems

Related Research Fields

Biology / Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy / Nerve anatomy / Neuropathology / Neurophysiology / General neuroscience


Research Resources Division(RRD)

Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yoshiyuki Kubota
Unit Leader

Core members

Motohide Murate
Technical Scientist
Waki Sekine
Technical Staff I
Tamami Honda
Technical Staff I
Kazuko Tanaka