Basic Information

Program Chair: Dr. Thomas J. McHugh
Program Vice-Chair: Dr. Motomasa Tanaka
Program Instructors: RIKEN CBS PIs, Postdocs, & Grad Students
Teaching Assistant: Eichi Toyoizumi (McHugh Lab)
Class format & Time: Online (Zoom) on Tuesday from 4:30pm–6:30pm
Language: English only

Course Description

The Brain Science Training Program is a 2 semester-long (October through June) lecture series that consists of 23 lectures, each taught by a different RIKEN CBS PI, 3 journal club presentations, and 2 oral exams at the end of each semester. This program is suitable for those with a strong interest in becoming a neuroscientist. It is primarily designed for the early-stage graduate students, but applications will be accepted from senior-graduate and undergraduate students as well.


Neuroscience employs a wide range of disciplines from molecular biology to mathematics to ethology. Brain Science Training Program takes full advantage of the great diversity of CBS's research and provides a systematic overview of neuroscience. It is our sincere hope that through this program we will be able to play a part in fostering the next generation of neuroscientists.

For more details on the program, please refer to the full syllabus here.

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