Exploring neuro-rehabilitation and other new research themes by fusing brain science and engineering

Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Ph.D.

Director, RIKEN CBS-TOYOTA Collaboration Center(BTCC)
yasuo.kuniyoshi [at] riken.jp

Research Overview

The Center was born on the basis of long, productive dialogues between Brain Research Institute, RIKEN and Toyota Motor Company to challenge the huge possibility opened by the integration of brain science and engineering. The two organizations, RIKEN and Toyota, embody totally different objectives, senses of values, histories, cultures and management customs, and have contributed the society in different ways.
It is expected to give a great impact to Japanese science community if the collaboration will establish a powerful deep liaison between these two organizations, through which a new scheme of collaborations is created.

The BTCC is composed of two research domains: 1) neuro-driving, 2) neuro-robotics. The three collaboration units are formed to carry out the R&D in these domains, which are listed below.
The BTCC has a branch in Nagoya, in addition to the headquarter inside the RIKEN main campus at Wako. Each collaboration unit includes adjunct researchers from Toyota in order to smooth transfer of technology established in BTCC.

RIKEN CBS-TOYOTA Collaboration Center(BTCC)

Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yasuo Kuniyoshi
Unit Leader