Awardees' laboratory and position are of the awarded day.

Date of award Awardee Outline Link
Sep. 16, 2020 Atsushi Miyawaki
Cell Function Dynamics
Team Leader
The Takeda Prize for Medical Science, Takeda Science Foundation

Sep. 10, 2020 Jun Nagai
Lab. for Glia-Neuron Circuit Dynamics
Team Leader
The Award for Young Investigator of Japanese Society for Neurochemistry for FY2020, The Japanese Society for Neurochemistry
Bi-directional astrocyte-neuron interaction in the dorsal striatum
Oct. 14, 2020 Satoshi Iwano
Lab. for Cell Function Dynamics
第4回バイオインダストリー奨励賞, Japan Bioindustry Association
in vivoイメージングを革新する人工生物発光システムAkaBLIの開発と応用