IBRO-RIKEN CBS Advanced Training Program RIKEN CBS Summer Program 2019IBRO-RIKEN CBS Advanced Training Program RIKEN CBS Summer Program 2019

IBRO-RIKEN CBS Advanced Training Program

RIKEN CBS Summer Program 2019

Neurotechnology -Understanding the brain in health and disease-

Internship Course: June 12 – August 8, 2019
Lecture Course: July 1 – 5, 2019


Applications for the Summer Program 2019 are no longer being accepted. Please check back at the end of this year for information on next year's program.

<Important notice>
The selection of A (Internship) course and B(Lecture) course take place separately.
Applicants who desire both A and B courses need to submit application to IBRO's web site by Feb. 14, and CBS website as well within Feb.28, 2019.

We recommend that you apply early in order to ensure that your application arrives by the deadline. Please read the instructions carefully. Failure to follow all of the instructions may eliminate your application early in the selection process. Notification of acceptance will be sent by email 4-6 weeks after the application deadline. All documents should be prepared in English with the exception of documents 4 and 5 which may be written in either English or Japanese.

The following application documents should be prepared and submitted online.

  • Application Form

    You need to register online before you submit any other application documents.

  • Curriculum Vitae(must include the following categories)

    • A. Education (provide the institution name, highest degree obtained, and the years you were studying there; start with your most recent degree)
    • B. Research experience
    • C. Publications
  • Reason why you wish to attend the Summer Program

    Please write a brief statement of approximately 500 words, summarizing your research background (if any to date, including specific fields, experimental work, laboratories etc.) and how you plan to incorporate what you learn into your current and future research work.

  • Two letters of recommendation in English or Japanese

  • A letter requesting financial support in English or Japanese

    Financial support for travel and accommodation will be considered for those without external funding. Any candidate intending to request financial support MUST request it when submitting their application. Your letter should state why you require the support. Please note that no salary supplement or support for food expenses will be offered.

  • Plan A only: Internship project description

    Descriptions should be as specific as possible and state whether you are familiar with the experimental techniques you plan to use.
    Successful applications will be expected to have clearly defined goals that can be achieved within the internship period.
    We encourage you to contact your potential head(s) with your proposal describing what you want to do during the internship period.

  • Plan A

    Internship Course(June 12 – August 8, 2019)

    This program is sponsored by The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO). for more details

  • Plan B

    Lecture Course(July 1 – 5, 2019)