RIKEN CBS Summer Program

Sensation and Perception: How the Brain Models the World

The 2024 summer school will explore how multiple networks within the brain dynamically interact to make it possible for us to perceive and understand the world around us. We will address emerging understanding of how the brain integrates information from the senses with existing internal representations to extrapolate a model of the outside world. In addition to discussion of the multiple critical brain functions that underlie perception, such as sensory processing, attention and memory, we will also consider how disruptions in these interconnected abilities may lead to mental disorders involving abnormal perceptual experience.


Speakers are subject to change. Please visit our website periodically for updates.

Organizing Committee

Lukas Ian Schmitt (Chair), Hitoshi Okamoto (Co-chair), Asuka Takeishi, Louis Kang, Masanori Murayama

This program is sponsored by The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)