CBS Co-Creation of Knowledge Project
— Co-Creation Laboratory

Call for proposals: CBS Co-Creation of Knowledge Project
— Co-Creation Laboratory

Sep. 1, 2022

RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) will launch the “CBS Co-Creation of Knowledge Project” in FY2025 with the aim of establishing and expanding the framework of “Co-Creation” to engage in truly challenging and innovative research together with researchers from various scientific communities. As a part of this project, we will start Co-Creation Laboratory, a window for open collaborative research, in fiscal 2023.

What is Co-Creation Laboratory?

If you are looking for opportunities for:

  • cutting-edge, challenging and interdisciplinary research in collaboration with CBS
  • collaborative or pilot experiments utilizing CBS’s research results, equipment, and analysis techniques

We promote collaborative research between CBS and researchers in various scientific communities. We will match the needs from researchers outside RIKEN, including young researchers, with the seeds1 from CBS, and adopt challenging research proposals in the form of an open call. In particular, we welcome collaborative research between brain science and other fields2, or innovative co-creative research utilizing CBS’s unique experimental equipment, resources, and analysis tools.

1 Examples of the seeds at CBS: 7 Tesla MRI (scheduled to begin operation in FY 2023); 3 Tesla MRI; ultra-wide field of view two-photon microscope FASHIO-2PM; TissueCyte; electron microscope; mouse behavioral analysis battery; experimental animal resources; experiment equipment, analysis techniques, databases, and analysis tools originated by CBS; etc. Please refer to the brochure of CBS Research Resources Division (RRD).

2 Examples of collaborative research between brain science and other fields: Brain science and AI, brain science and psychology, brain science and humanities, brain science and human diseases, brain and multi-organ connections, brain science and device development, etc.