We aim to reveal neural mechanisms of how animals adaptively control movements upon environmental and body state changes.

Terufumi Fujiwara

Terufumi Fujiwara, Ph.D.

RIKEN Hakubi Team Leader, Adaptive Motor Control RIKEN Hakubi Research Team
terufumi.fujiwara [at] riken.jp

Research Overview

Imagine how effortlessly we reach an arm to grab a cup. Because the cup’s shape/location and our body’s condition are never identical, this seemingly simple motor task requires a sophisticated brain computation. Fine motor control is necessary even for small insects to survive in a complex environment. Recent works in the fruit fly, a genetic insect model, have made it possible to mechanistically dissect the single-cell level brain circuit map and function. By leveraging these advanced tools in flies and original behavioral paradigms, we will reveal neural mechanisms of adaptive motor control.

Main Research Fields

Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering

Related Research Fields

Engineering / Informatics / Biology / Neurophysiology / General neuroscience / Intelligent informatics / Nerve anatomy/ Neuropathology


Selected Publications

Papers with an asterisk(*) are based on research conducted outside of RIKEN.

  1. * Fujiwara, T., Brotas, M. and Chiappe, M.E.
    "Walking strides direct rapid and flexible recruitment of visual circuits for course control in Drosophila."
    Neuron 110, 2124–2138. (2022)
  2. * Fujiwara, T., Cruz, T.L., Bohnslav, J.P. and Chiappe, M.E.
    "A faithful internal representation of walking movements in the Drosophila visual system."
    Nature Neurosci 20, 72–81. (2017)
  3. * Fujiwara, T., Kazawa, T., Sakurai, T., Fukushima, R., Uchino, K., Yamagata, T., Namiki, S., Haupt, S.S. and Kanzaki, R.
    "Odorant concentration differentiator for intermittent olfactory signals."
    J Neurosci 34, 16581–16593. (2014)
  4. * Fujiwara, T., Kazawa, T., Haupt, S.S., and Kanzaki, R.
    "Postsynaptic odorant concentration dependent inhibition controls temporal properties of spike responses of projection neurons in the moth antennal lobe."
    Plos One 9, e89132. (2014)
  5. * Fujiwara, T., Kazawa, T., Haupt, S.S., and Kanzaki, R.
    "Ca2+ imaging of identifiable neurons labeled by electroporation in insect brains."
    Neuroreport 20, 1061–1065. (2009)

Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Terufumi Fujiwara
RIKEN Hakubi Team Leader

Core members

James Michael Begeng
Postdoctoral Researcher
Cesar Hernandez-Reyes
Visiting Researcher
Pedro Lopes Castelhanito
Technical Staff II
Masako Yamazaki
Research Part-time Worker I
Eugenio Bertolini
Research Part-time Worker II
Kazuki Nishimura
Research Part-time Worker II
Yuko Suzuki