The CBS-MIT Interaction Program awardees have made a leap forward to the next stage!

Awardees of 2019

  • Kelvin Hui, PhD
    Laboratory for Protein Conformation Disease, International Program Associate

    • Position at CBS
      Research Scientist, Lab for Protein Conformation Diseases
      Feb 2011 - Aug 2011, Sep 2016 - Dec 2019 RIKEN Foreign Postdoctoral Researcher Lab for Protein Conformation Diseases Sep 2013 - Aug 2016
    • Current Position
      Research Specialist, Center for Autophagy Research, Department of Internal Medicine,University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Li-Foong Yoong, PhD

    • Position at CBS
      2012- Mar 2020, Research Scientist, Lab for Neurodiversity
      2009-2012, Postdoctoral Fellow, Human Frontier Science Program Lab for Neurodiversity
    • Current Position
      Representative Director & Country Manager MiRXES Japan Co. Ltd.
  • Kimiya Narikiyo, PhD

    • Position at CBS
      2015-Mar 2020, Research Scientist, Lab for Systems Molecular Ethology
    • Current Position
      Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Toho University
  • Nobuhiro Nakai, PhD

    • Position at CBS
      2018-Mar 2020, Research Scientist
      2013-2017, Research associate
      Lab for Mental Biology

    • Current Position
      Project Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology and Cell Biology Project, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine
  • Haruna Nakajo, PhD

    • Position at CBS
      Apr 2020-Jul 2020, Research Scientist
      Apr 2019-Mar 2020, Research Part-timer
      Apr 2016-Mar 2019, Junior Research Associate
      Lab for Neural Dynamics of Decision Making

    • Current Position
      Postdoc, Anna Molofsky lab, University of California, San Francisco