Architectures of the Brain
A hierarchy of genetic, synaptic, and circuit architectures in our brains creates function

This course will explore how technological advances reveal the organization and logic of the genetic, synaptic, cellular, and circuit architectures that make the nervous system. It will further investigate how intersection and information flow between these architectural hierarchies creates brain function.

Scheduled Lecturers

Francesca Bartolini / Columbia Univ.

Cagla Eroglu / Duke Univ.

Yukiko Gotoh / The Univ. of Tokyo

Seth Grant / The Univ. of Edinburgh

Yasunori Hayashi / Kyoto Univ.

Lucy Palmer / The Florey Inst. of Neuroscience

Nenad Sestan / Yale Univ.

Song-Hai Shi / Tsinghua Univ.

Hiroaki Wake / Nagoya Univ.

Chris Walsh / Harvard Univ.

*Lecturers are subject to change. Please visit our website periodically for updates.

Organizing Committee

Chair: Adrian Moore
Members: Yukiko Goda, Akiko Takagi-Hayashi, Atsushi Takata and Aya Ito-Ishida