Reconstructing emotion: from molecules and circuits to concepts

Recent conceptual and technological advances have revolutionized the neuroscientific study of emotion, offering new insights into the underlying brain mechanisms and invigorating constructive theoretical debate. This course will explore the cutting edge in emotion research, from molecules and synapses up to neural systems and theoretical concepts.

Invited Lectures

Mark Andermann/Harvard Univ.

David Anderson/Caltech

Nadine Gogolla/MPI of Neurobiology

Cyril Herry/Univ. of Bordeaux

Sheena Josselyn/Univ. of Toronto

Azusa Kamikouchi/Nagoya University

Joseph LeDoux/NYU

Yina Ma/Beijing Normal Univ.

Mario Penzo/NIMH

Vanessa Ruta/The Rockefeller Univ.

Anil Seth/Univ. of Sussex

Kazushige Touhara/The Univ. of Tokyo

Sho Yagishita/The Univ. of Tokyo

Lecturers are subject to change. Please visit our website periodically for updates.

Organizing Committee

Chair: Joshua Johansen
Members: Akiko Hayashi-Takagi, Ian Schmitt and Hitoshi Okamoto

This program is sponsored by The International Brain Research Organization (IBRO)