We aim to elucidate synaptic interaction mechanisms that regulate neural circuit activity underlying particular behaviors

Yukiko Goda

Yukiko Goda, Ph.D.

Team Leader, Synaptic Plasticity and Connectivity
yukiko.goda [at] riken.jp

Research Overview

Synapses are the nodes of information transmission in the brain. The dynamic changes in the efficacy of synaptic transmission or synaptic strength, play crucial roles in a variety of cognitive functions from perception, emotion, computation, to learning and memory. Our research seeks to understand how synapses acquire a particular strength and how the strength of individual synapses is dynamically modified in relationship to other synapses of the neural network. We study how these mechanisms of synaptic strength regulation control neural circuit properties underlying particular types of behavior.

Main Research Field

Biological Sciences


Selected Publications

  • Letellier M, Levet F, Thoumine O, Goda Y
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