The goal of the laboratory is to study the basic modules of the neocortical circuit and thereby comprehend the essential framework of the brain function

Toshihiko HosoyaToshihiko Hosoya

Toshihiko Hosoya, Ph.D.

Team Leader, Local Neuronal Circuits
toshihiko.hosoya [at]

Research Overview

The long-term goal of Hosoya Laboratory is to understand brain functions by investigating local neuronal circuits. The group has two strategies: analyzing simple circuits, and decomposing complex circuits into simpler subcircuits. The model system for the first strategy is the vertebrate retina, with which precise analysis of input/output relationship is possible. Results show that the retinal coding rule is adaptively modified according to the correlations in the visual input, and that single neurons encode multiple quantities with precise temporal patterns of spikes. The target of the second strategy is the local circuit of the mammalian neocortex. Novel microstructures have been identified in Hosoya Laboratory using genetic techniques, and functional analyses are now underway.

Selected Publications

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