Alexander Woodward

Alexander Woodward, Ph.D.

Unit Leader, Connectome Analysis Unit
alexander.woodward [at]

Research Overview

Our research focuses on mapping and analyzing the neuronal connectivity (connectome) of the brain. The challenge is how to automatically process and understand diverse experimental data of ever-increasing size and complexity. We take a computational approach to solve this and are developing digital brain atlases, connectome based brain simulation, and a comprehensive neuroimaging database platform. As a member of the Brain/MINDS project, our group applies these solutions to study the brain of the common marmoset monkey. Connectome analysis, including that of different species and diseased states, will advance our understanding of the brain and also give insight into creating new artificial intelligence.

Main Research Fields


Related Research Fields

Complex Systems / Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering / Intelligent information processing / Computer vision / Neuroinformatics


Selected Publications

  1. Woodward, A., Hashikawa, T., Maeda, M., Kaneko, T., Hikishima, K., Iriki, A., Okano, H., Yamaguchi, Y.:
    "The Brain/MINDS 3D digital marmoset brain atlas"
    Scientific Data volume 5, Article number: 180009 (2018)

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Principal investigator

Alexander Woodward
Unit Leader