We challenge to elucidate "brain science of Kansei"

Hitoshi Okamoto

Hitoshi Okamoto, M.D., Ph.D.

Director, RIKEN CBS-Kao Collaboration Center(BKCC)
hitoshi.okamoto [at] riken.jp

Research Overview

Since its foundation in 1997, CBS (formaly known as BSI) has developed fundamental technology for neuroscience applications and has engaged in basic research on functional neural circuits in order to understand how the brain works. KAO Corporation has produced excellent products for consumers by appealing to the five senses with attractive shapes, colors, and aromas, and to achieve this has studied how people make value judgements regarding their preferences. At the RIKEN CBS-KAO Collaboration Center, in addition to the items above, work is done in the areas of neuromarketing, and brain science topics related to daily life, which include the new areas of kansei (feeling/sensitivity/sensibility) perception, kansei and emotion, and others, to achieve further advances in the field of brain science. Also, through seminars and other events, we will promote the exchange of personnel as well as set up the direction we will take as we develop knowledge, information, and technology related to these topics.

  1. Research on kansei perception
    Examination of neural circuit mechanisms to elucidate how emotive information sensed by the peripheral sense organs is transmitted, processed and perceived by the brain.
  2. Research on kansei and emotion
    Examination of neural circuit mechanisms to clarify how emotions are captured through a learning process that involves evocation of pleasant and unpleasant emotions, behavioral and emotional manifestation mechanisms, stimulation of senses, and reward and punishment.