Our goal is to understand the neural basis of sensory perception and sensory-based decision making through the integration of experimental and theoretical approaches

Andrea Benucci

Andrea Benucci, Ph.D.

Team Leader, Laboratory for Neural Circuits and Behavior
andrea.benucci [at] riken.jp

Research Overview

Our laboratory studies the neural basis of sensory processing with a major focus on vision. We are particularly interested in understanding the computational rules used by populations of neurons in the visual cortex to process visual information: how does the coordinated activity of groups of neurons, “talking” among each other via action potentials, produce a visual percept? What are the relevant spatial and temporal scales used to process visual information? To address these questions, we are using as a model system the primary visual cortex of mice trained in behavioural tasks. The experimental tools we are using are based on cutting-edge methods in Optogenetics, optical imaging, and electrode recording. This research provides an ideal test-bed for understanding the neural mechanisms of visual perception and its outcomes have the potential to provide important clinical applications in the field of cortical visual prostheses.

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Selected Publications

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