Workshop: Theory towards Brains, Machines and MindsWorkshop: Theory towards Brains, Machines and Minds

Title: Development of complex behaviors and brain activities: A constructivist approach

Hiroki Mori, Future Robotics Organization, Waseda University

Functionalities and behaviors of biological agents emerge from the structures and the dynamics of the brain, the body and the surrounding environments. But we know only a few secrets of the mechanism of the emergence. We have tried to understand the mechanism of emergence of intelligence within the holistic systems from the beginning of life by constructing and investigating models as the computer simulations and the robots. We hypothesize that the structure of the system leads the self-organization of the systems by the interactions via spontaneous activities of the systems.
In this talk, I focus on our hypothesis of the human development of the behavior and the brain activity from fetal body and brain structure via spontaneous activities and interaction among them. The presentation consists of three parts: (1) Analysis for developmental changes of General Movements, which are spontaneous movement of infants’ limbs (2) Computer simulation of whole body musculoskeletal and nervous system of human fetus for the constructivist approach for the behavioral development via General Movements (3) Emergence of complex activities from self-organization of large-scale spiking neural networks with small world networks. I conclude that the hypothesis has great possibility to explain human development from the perspective of emergence and self-organization.

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