Introduction of Joint Graduate School Program promoted by Center for Brain Science(CBS) and Center for Integrative Medical Sciences(IMS)

This event has been held on Apr. 20th.

Date: April 20, 2019 (RIKEN Open Day) 14:00-
Venue:@2F Conference Room, Central Bldg. [C51]

If you would like to interview with a specific PI, please fill in the form and submit.

(Please understand that some PIs are not always available.)


13:30- Registration
14:00-14:20 Introduction of Joint Graduate School Program
Hiroyuki Kamiguchi, Deputy Director/ Lab for Neural Cell Dynamics, CBS
Ichiro Taniuchi, Lab for Transcriptional Regulation, IMS
14:20-14:35 Life in RIKEN (oral presentation by young researchers of CBS&IMS)
14:35-15:00 Introduction of Research of the CBS/IMS Laboratories
15:00- Poster Presentation / Interview